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We put the same care into selecting our partners as we put into creating our designs. Integrating the CI family means accessing a profitable business model and taking advantage of over 50 years of reputable expertise in cabinet making.

Premium products

We travel the world to find the products and inspiration that help create the unique design experience your clients are looking for. Becoming a CI partner automatically elevates your offer in terms of choice, materials, design quality, personalization, production efficiency and distribution.

Tailored success

Official CI distributors get more than a name and superior products. Our partners enjoy dedicated personalized support in their business development. If we choose to work with you, our ultimate goal is to see you thrive.

Further inquiries

Want to partner with CI for your business? Please fill in the form with as much information as you can so we can evaluate your proposal. We analyze each submission carefully to find the best fit for the future.

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